With wedding season in full bloom it’s a great time to update that old suit or purchase a dress in the newest style and colours. Wedding attire is a huge focus. What to wear to these fabulous celebrations of two becoming one is a big decision.

This is my second summer with a daughter getting married and the thought goes through my head ‘what to wear’? As mother of the bride I don’t want to take any attention away from my beautiful daughter, but I still want to be elegant. There are so many styles and features to dresses right now, though the cost to some of these wonderful pieces is the price of a 10-year old used car. It was much easier for my husband. Last year we rented a tuxedo. This year he got a new custom-made suit that fits him like a glove. He loves it!!

First is the wedding shower

I loved the fascinators worn at the royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. The old tradition has been brought to the world, so now we can share in this experience. Recently, I attended a wedding shower that had a dress requirement of a fascinator. First, I had to ask, “what is that”? I was enchanted. I loved searching for this piece of fashion that has been asleep for many decades, and finding the perfect fascinator was effortless thanks to a friend who loves dressing with hats!

I recently hosted my daughters’ wedding shower. The event was considered very casual as it was at our home, so most of us wore sun dresses. On the other hand, last year I attended a wedding shower that was more formal, even though it too was held at the family home. Most women at that function were dressed in beautiful dresses that suited a formal poolside shower. These types of occasions can often be confusing. It is always best to ask the formality of the occasion and, if you are unsure, it’s better to be dressed more formal than not.

Ask Questions

Now comes dressing for the wedding. The first thing is to ask a couple questions to help decide what will be appropriate to wear:

  • Where is the wedding located (in a church, a hall, outdoors, the beach)?
  • How are the bride and groom dressing?
  • Are you going to be in the formal wedding pictures?

Wedding Attire For Men

It’s simple for guys., A great fitting suit, up to date in a colour that suits you, with a shirt and tie. It could also be a nice pair of dress pants and sport coat, depending on the location. Oh, we can’t forget the shoes and belt. A must for finishing a great look for guys.

There is a reason I specify a great fitting suit. My husband bought a suit a few years ago and we recently realized it was older stock and now out of style. The pants had a wider leg not currently in fashion, and the jacket was sloppy on him. A man’s suit should fit close to the body and not hang like you took something out of your Dad’s closet.

Wedding Attire For Women

When choosing that perfect dress, it’s very important to dress to the formality of the bride and groom. Think about it this way: If the bride is spending $5,000 on a wedding dress, and the wedding is being held at a high-end venue, then we should be dressing to this. I’m not saying we must spend a fortune on a dress, but it does need to be more formal.

The dress we choose for going out on the town should be different from the one we wear to a wedding. I recently attended a wedding where a young woman was wearing a very sheer dress that showed her under garments. This is not appropriate for a wedding. Follow Oprah on changing her dress hours before the royal wedding. The dress she brought was an off white, which is also not appropriate for a wedding — especially if the bride is wearing white.

There are so many style options out there. Understanding our body shape makes all the difference in finding the perfect dress. No matter what your age, the length of the dress is relevant to our body shape and the look we’re trying to accomplish. So, whether long and flowing or sleek and above the knee, look to your body shape when making your selection.

Last Notes

Again, location makes all the difference on what to wear. If the wedding is on a beach, then wear what is suitable for a beach. Guys in a casual pant and shirt with sleeves rolled up and women in a flowy sundress is great. A garden wedding may dictate an in-between style — a few steps up from the beach attire and not quite as formal as the indoor event. You need to understand the couple, their expectations, and their own attire.

We should always follow the guidelines of the bride and groom. Weddings are meant to be fun and so should the attire we wear.

Stacey Aarssen, Personal Branding Specialist

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