Image Consultant

Stacey Aarssen

Stacey Aarssen

Personal Branding Specialist

I believe that true passion comes from the heart. When we are living as our true selves everything comes together. How we show up — whether it be to a job interview, a networking event, a family function or a corporate presentation — we speak without words based upon our presence and how we’re dressed.  My great passion is helping people make a good first – and lasting — impression by increasing their professional presence through the ABC’s of image: appearance, behaviour and communication.

My passion for fashion began when I was 12 years old, working in my family’s retail clothing business. Through my years in the business I developed a love for dressing people. I recall going on buying trips with my Dad and picking certain pieces of clothing for specific clients, because I knew it would suit them extremely well.

Life brings us through many channels as we discover who we are and what we’re meant to do with our lives. After leaving the family business, I changed gears and became a financial advisor.  I gathered many skills during my 13 years in the financial services industry including presenting to large groups, sales skills, customer service, business ownership, corporate structure, finance, insurance, relationship building, networking, compassion, personal develop training and the list goes on and on.

With the encouragement and support of my husband and business partner John I switched gears again, going back to my early passion and beginning my career as an Image Consultant. I completed my training through International Image Institute and am currently working on my Certified Image Consultant designation through AICI.

When not working on my business, I love spending time with my 3 grown daughters and the beautiful men they’ve attracted into their lives. Family, friends, traveling, outdoors, hiking, reading and an overall love of people are my greatest pleasures in life.

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“Knowing that we are highly influenced by the people we associate with, it pays huge dividends to pay attention to those we connect with. In that light, I am very grateful for the incredible connection I have with Stacey and the positive influence she’s had on me. She is a like minded, heart-centered entrepreneur that has earned my respect and trust. Her level of commitment and ethic of excellence shines through in the quality of her work. She is a beautiful blend of both the personal touch and professional presence. Over the years, I know she has my best interest at heart, listening closely to what concerns me most. Thank you Stacey for the numerous ways you’ve impacted my life and I’m excited to see the impact you’ll have on many more. Brad Toews

Entrepreneur, DoTerra

“Honestly, I was skeptical of this process. I had heard about the idea before but never had it done.  I was so incredibly impressed by what Stacey did, what I learned, and how it completely changed my approach to colour.  I have known Stacey for years and always thought she had a wonderful style about her; she always looked great.  But that is not the case with everyone you meet on the street.  Now I realize it is about finding the right style for you and, even more importantly, the right colours – the ones that bring you from being hidden in the background to being really noticed.

If you are in front of people on a regular basis and impression matters, you really should take the time to meet with Stacey and have her help you stand out in the crowd.  Trust me, it is completely worth it.  Those around you will notice a significant difference. They will see you differently but will not know why.  That is the trick … be subtle but stand out.

Thanks Stacey for everything!” Brent Barr