With summer in full bloom there is lots of travelling happening. If you’re like me, you dread figuring out what to pack. Clothing is such a huge part of travelling and I never know what I’m going to feel like wearing on any specific day. What if I feel bloated one day? Will I be needing to get dressed up for something? Will I be able to exercise?  The questions in my head could go on and on, and that’s why packing is so challenging at times.

What I have discovered is that it can be so much simpler if I have a theme and all my pieces can mix and match easily. I’ve also discovered that most places I visit have laundry facilities or service, so worrying that I’ll spill or get something dirty is irrelevant.

Top 7 tips to packing in a carry-on bag:

  1. Know your schedule. With any travel, understanding what you will be doing and where you’ll be visiting helps when putting your clothing choices together.
  2. Have a colour theme so you can mix and match tops and bottoms. Once I understood the undertone of my skin and purchased the right colours of clothing, dressing became so much easier. Now everything mixes and matches, so packing became much simpler.
  3. Having packing cubes for all my essentials is a great way to organize all the different types of clothes. I found having an organized toiletry bag cuts down on a lot of room, especially when packing for a carry-on suit case. Many companies have all their great products in smaller bottles and jars, just for travelling. If not, you can purchase inexpensive containers to transfer just enough for your trip. For women, makeup is another area that you can cut back on during travel and saved a ton of room. Try some multi-use products. Having a colour theme will work here as well, as you will only need a single palette of colours in your make-up as well.
  4. Lay your selected clothes out on the bed to see how they can work together. This way you can see how each top can go with the bottoms. Depending on where you are travelling, have one blazer/cardigan that will work with all your separates.
  5. Shoes has always been an issue for me. Having comfort and style means the high heels may have to stay home if I want it all to fit into my carry-on. Wearing my running shoes to the destination helps keep space for other essential items. If it’s a winter trip, a bigger bag may be needed to support the extra clothes we need during the colder months.
  6. I have also found that items of clothing that can be worn in different ways to be very beneficial while travelling. I recently found a company that makes a piece of clothing that can be worn as 3 different style dresses, a jacket, tunic or scarf. It’s brilliant. There are a variety of men’s tops that can be worn either under a jacket or with shorts to the beach. It’s knowing these types of options that make packing so much simpler.
  7. Once everything has been laid out on the bed, and my final choices made, I roll them up and pack the cubes. It’s amazing what a little organization can do.

Packing for a trip can be a stressful event but with proper planning, and some great clothes and shoes, the task can be taken on with ease. Take the stress out of travelling by understanding the best way to pack. I’ve had chats with several people that have shared “I over pack just in case I spill or stain my clothes”. By doing some research before a trip to see what the laundry facilities are, you can eliminate the need to pack extra clothes.

Taking away the pre-trip stress of packing makes travelling so much more enjoyable, and that’s what is all about.