Living in Canada, weather in the fall can fluctuate tremendously from one day to the next. If you’re like me, I never know what to wear until I’ve looked at the weather forecast. Do I still wear summer clothes or bring out the boxes of winter clothes, I have packed away? Since getting the fall clothes involves me to have a plan of what to do with the boxes once I’ve gotten them out, I opt to wear my summer clothes with layers on those chilly days that come out of nowhere. Now, it’s the end of October, and we’ve had a few frosts, the inevitable must happen; changing over my closet.

Since I was a little girl, I hated the task of changing over my closet. I always wanted a closet big enough to hold it all, but I knew if I had that, I probably wouldn’t get rid of anything. Over the years, I have developed a process that has filtered down to my daughters, so I know it must be good, if they have adopted it into their life.

How to switch over your wardrobe without going crazy.

  1. Take out the summer wear

I pull all my summer clothes out of my closet and dresser drawers and lay them on the bed. That way I must do something with the piles before bedtime. If you’re like me, I procrastinate on this task. Each piece should be scanned to see if there are any holes, snags, rips or stains. If there are things that need mending, start a new pile with these items. Does it fit? Whether I’ve changed my shape from working out, gained or lost weight and it doesn’t fit, then it needs to be addressed, either altering or gifting to someone else.

2. Organize it

Now, I organize what’s left in the closet to accommodate the winter clothes. My closet has been altered by my wonderful husband and has shelves and more hanging racks then the traditional 2 bars. What does your closet look like? Perhaps there is an organization process required later. (This is a whole other discussion) I put all my jeans on a shelf and hang all my other pant togethers. Blouses, shirts and tops that wrinkle easily are hung in another section, and long dresses, sweaters or jackets are in another section. I have selves for lounge wear, active wear and pyjamas. If you have a dresser, then having separate drawers for under-wear, socks, bras and other items that suit a drawer better, like t shirts. I learned it’s imperative to learn how to fold or roll items to fit the space, otherwise they will be a wrinkled mess.

3. Take out the Winter Wear

Now it’s time to pull out the winter and fall clothes. If I didn’t go through step #1 in the spring, then it’s now time to go though each piece to see if it’s in good condition to wear. There is nothing worse then seeing someone show up in a ripped or stained piece of clothing, unless the rip is intentional, like the new jeans with rips. I always recommend getting to know a good seamstress or tailor. They can virtually save hundreds of dollars on clothes that need altering or mending.

4. Strategic placement

Putting the winter clothes in your closet should be strategic. Since I’ve had my colours done, and I know that I am a true autumn, it’s easy to put clothes away in themes. If you haven’t had your colours done and not sure what your best colours are, then I would suggest putting similar colours together.  When clothes are put away in categories, it makes it much easier when I’m getting ready for the day or evening event.

5. Now for the accessories

Belts, shoes, scarves, ties and jewelry all need their own home too. Accessories can make or break a great outfit. Look at your scarves and ties and get rid of ones with snags. Shoes also require maintenance. I worked with a gentleman, and he said his black dress shoes were still good to wear with his suit. He needed to polish them, to look better. Shoes can take up a lot of room. I have a shelving unit in my bedroom that I purchased some boxes to fit exactly in the shelf, which I use for my purses and shoes. By doing this, I know exactly where that perfect pair of shoes are for my outfit, when I’m trying to get out the door for an early morning meeting.

Getting clothing organized is such a great feeling and knowing what works together and what doesn’t has saved me time and money.  I have found clothing modules work extremely well in planning what to wear for what occasion and with what other items. Organization is a key element to peace of mind. Marie Kondo has excellent tips for organizing our clothes and homes.

 It never fails, I switch my clothes from summer to winter and it warms up. Not that I’m complaining.

Embrace autumn,

Stacey Aarssen