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Personal Image, Colour Analysis, Style, Wardrobe, Shopping, Makeup, Grooming and Hair.


Personal Presence and Power, Dining Skills, Social Grace, Business Etiquette and Wellness.


Relationship Building, Body Language, Presentation Skills, Conversation and Networking.

Are you living your full potential?

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“As my business was growing, the need for social media, networking and continuous engagement had also increased. I decided to invest in a professional that could both educate and assist me in representing my brand in the best way. 

Stacey Aarssen totally turned my image world upside down.  She taught me my power colour for networking, my proper look for video, and the best look while engaged in a sale meeting.  Thanks to Up Your Game my confidence on and off camera has improved, sales have doubled and when I walk into a large room full of business owners, I now command the attention I deserve. 

 Thank you to Stacey and the Up Your Game team, you have created such a life changing impact in my life.”

Brian Douglas

Owner, SweatShop Union

“I am expanding my business into public speaking, and it seemed important to me to ensure that I was dressed professionally and stylishly for these appearances. I am also colour blind, so I thought an analysis would make it easier for me to figure out what to wear together and what looks good. I am ecstatic over the results. I already feel more comfortable and confident in choosing my wardrobe, I love the colours that Stacey has suggested for me, and I’m excited about adding significant pieces to my wardrobe. I am also more willing to invest in my wardrobe because I see the value and the importance in plays in developing my business.

The process has not only given me more confidence, but I also see the potential for dressing with more flare and style—stepping outside of my careful self, taking some risk and dressing with some boldness to express my true self, which got buried years ago by a sense of caution.” Tim O'Connor

Entrepreneur, Tim O'Connor Perfomance Coaching